The Experience

What To Expect

No more are the days of ordering that pint of a new craft beer only to find out it doesn’t necessarily tickle your tastebuds fancy.  Just try a few ounces, then try something else.  We give you the opportunity to find what you like most or to enjoy a good variety while you’re out with friends.  When you walk into Union Taproom, we are celebrating the local and regional craft scene as well as some of the best craft beers from around the Country!  You see a wall of taps, but behind that we see innovation and a dedication to mastering the art of brewing.  With the variety and freedom you deserve, we think it will change the way you enjoy beer and wine!

Craft Beer Self-serve at Union Taproom in WInter Haven, Florida
Craft Beer Self-serve at Union Taproom in WInter Haven, Florida

The Atmosphere

The goal for Union Taproom is to bring people together.  Our atmosphere is casual and family friendly, even your pets are welcome!  With the variety of selections we have on tap, even your pickiest of friends will be happy!  We created this social space to share with our community.  We felt it was important to give back to where we were born and raised.  Providing not only a recreational establishment, but a unique experience.

How It Works

1.Check In

Easily start a tab by presenting a driver’s license and credit card to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.  You will be given an RFID bracelet to unlock the taps and begin your self pour adventure.

2. Head to the Tap Wall

Head on over to the tap wall, grab a glass and explore.  All our beverages are priced per ounce.  You can sample as much as you’d like or pour a full glass.  Your bracelet keeps track of ounces poured. (Tap to Tab)  Each tablet displays all the info you need; ABV, IBU, Brewery Info and price per ounce.  Need help choosing?  Our Taproom Crew are here to help!  We can walk you through all of our different options!

3. Enjoy!

Sit back, sip, & enjoy your pour!

4. Close your Tab

When it’s time to leave, simply bring your bracelet back to our front counter. Our staff will scan and present you with an itemized receipt.

5. Tell a Friend!

Tell a friend about Union Taproom & come back soon! You never know what you’ll find on tap, next time. Our tap selections are always changing!

Craft Beer Self-serve at Union Taproom in WInter Haven, Florida